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 35 €
| 125ml

Le + Intime - Blue Flower

Violet is for me a fragrance of intimacy, discreet and elegant.

Main notes

ambrette - orris - musks

"The VIone is a fragrance of intimacy, discreet and elegant. The whole idea revolves around Musks and their effect of clean, warm, comfort. I reinforced this effect with a drop of Aldehydes which underlines the laundry cleaness of the note. For me, the elegance of this fragrance comes from the Orris tone that merge with the Musks powderyness. I built up the Orris with Ambertte seeds and a touch of Leather to give it more presence."

Which tube will you run into?

Your DRIPS Can will be delivered to you in its randomly chosen Tube , whose design has been created by a limited edition street artist.

Tube, box in which the perfume DRIPS is contained, created by Cole-o-riage

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Alcohol Denat, Parfum (fragrance), Nitrogen

Capacity: 125mL


Advice for use

Shake your DRIPS Can and spray it 15cm away from your skin and clothes.

Practical information

Once finished, give your DRIPS Can a second life by simply throwing it in the same recycling bin as your cans. Make sure you put each plastic cap in the right recycling stream. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact your local council to find out about local sorting instructions.

Photo of a person with the perfume
Photo of the perfumePhoto of a person with the perfume

Deezer playlist

We've put together a playlist to immerse you in the world of VIone. Share your favourite sounds with us on Instagram!

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