What does the name DRIPS Fragrances mean?

DRIPS comes from the English word "drip" meaning a drop. In the vocabulary of street art, it represents the dripping effect of paint.
In literature, a "fragrance" is a pleasant smell. In perfumery, the term is used as a synonym for perfume.

Are your fragrances for men or women?

For us, scents have no gender, just like other artistic disciplines.
Our perfumes are therefore totally genderless.
Which one are you? 

Are your perfumes natural and not tested on animals?

Our perfumes contain natural ingredients but also synthetic materials. We make it a point of honour to use ingredients that are safe for your health.
Our perfumes are not tested on animals because cosmetic tests on animals have been banned in the European Union since 2013. Go and read article 18 of the regulation n°1223/2009.

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